Sea Freight

Sea Freight

One of the world's top providers of shipping through sea freight services is Cargo Link shipping services. Given that this has been a fundamental component of Cargo Link's shipping services from the start of our business as well as our ongoing participation and industry interaction.

We can be adaptable and individualised in our solutions because to the various key partnerships that Cargo Link Shipping has built and maintained with maritime freight providers. Our devoted team of professionals helps with every step of the procedure, including picking up the product, passing customs, loading, and ensuring that all paperwork is provided, customs is cleared at the destination, and the end recipient is safely delivered.

Solutions We Provide

Full Container Load (FCL)

Cargo Link Shipping offers our customers door-to-door service from the time their things are picked up until they are delivered. Also, we have our well-known shipping companies send cargo every week to any ports in the world.

Less Than Container Load (LCL)

Cargo Link are an excellent choice for clients who do not need a whole container to transfer their goods. Rapid transit times, dependable real-time information, and dedicated fixed day sailing for both FCL and LCL services to more than 250 sites worldwide.

Ship Chartering

If the client's needs are extensive, Cargo Link can arrange for the chartering of an entire vessel. Our knowledgeable team will handle all paperwork and related procedures.

Special Equipment Open Top, Flat Rack

By using open top or flat rack containers, Cargo Link can transport shipments that contain specialised equipment or exceed the standard container size restrictions. This will guarantee that the item is shipped without harm and in safety.

Break Bulk

Cargo Link provides the break bulk service if any client needs their consignment to be moved in boxes, crates, or barrels. The skilled team will handle the relocation of these items to guarantee that each one is loaded properly, transported securely, and delivered to the intended recipient.

Roll On / Roll Off

Cars, trucks, semi-trailer trucks, and train cars all need to be moved with extra caution and under competent supervision. Roll-on and roll-off services from Cargo Link make it possible to handle such large, heavy items with the highest care and comfort.

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