Air Freight

Air Freight

Using an aeroplane or by renting a small piece of an aircraft to move merchandise for customers is known as air freight. In order to successfully meet the needs of our customers, Cargo Link has maintained and is expanding its solid relationships with aircraft providers.

The knowledgeable staff at Cargo Link is committed to offering tailored and effective solutions for airfreight-related issues anywhere in the world. Cargo Link can meet any deadline and quickly transport your products because to our established relationships with major air carriers.

Solutions We Provide

Air Chartering

Depending on the needs of the client, Cargo Link supports with air chartering services by moving the shipment altogether via renting an aircraft.

Part Chartering

We also provide part chartering services, which enable customers to rent a portion of an aircraft and transport the essential items, if they do not need a complete aircraft to transport their products.

Air Cargo Consolidation

The professional team at Cargo Link will help our customers with the air freight consolidation procedure. In essence, this approach involves our client's goods sharing space with that of another shipper. This needs to be handled with extreme caution.

Express Air Service

Between 48 to 96 hours, Cargo Link can deliver any cargo for our customers. We attribute this to our long-standing connections with major international air carriers in the sector.

AoG Cargo

With AoG Cargo, Cargo Link has in the past helped a lot of clients. The timely and vital movement of goods to the intended location will be helped by our committed team and connections with key air carriers.

Perishable Goods & Valuable Cargo

Perishable items are moved quickly via Cargo Link while still being appropriately stored in our temperature-controlled warehouses.

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