Road Freight

Road Freight

Cargo Link Shipping have access to a vehicle fleet. This allows us the freedom to fulfil any goods forwarding requirements based on the load requirements. Cargo Link Shipping maintains custom-made flexible services to satisfy the needs of our clients thanks to its experience in road transportation in the GCC and local transportation in the UAE.

Solutions We Provide

Intra GCC Land Transport

With our own network fleet, Cargo Link delivers efficient freight transportation throughout the GCC region.

Less Than Truckload (LTL)

Cargo Link can provide consumers with transportation options for tiny loads or amounts of freight if their needs are modest.

Reefer Trucks

Using reefer trucks, Cargo Link Shipping helps our clients move perishable and other temperature-sensitive items efficiently. The goods are carried safely and damage-free thanks to the trucks' ability to maintain a certain temperature.

Car Carriers

For a large number of clients in the automotive industry, Cargo Link shipping makes it easier to transport vehicles within the GCC region. We have a committed team of professionals to assure effective implementation.

Special Project Cargo Trucks

Moving specialised machinery or extremely delicate cargo calls for a logistics service provider with the knowledge and experience needed to complete the task successfully. Cargo Link has the team of professionals, the know-how, and the technology to guarantee the secure transfer of the extremely priceless item.

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